Paul Gann's Crusade Against AIDS

No! No! No! Paul Gann does not have a special right now to tell us what to think of AIDS. I refer to Robert Fairbanks' article (Editorial Pages, June 10), "Gann, Dues Bitterly Paid, Gains Moral Clout on AIDS." He does not have that right simply because he is "sexually innocent," elderly, and well known.

His disease does not give him the right to ignore the recommendations of professional health-care workers who are rationally and intelligently winning the battle against AIDS. He has a right to compassionate understanding, care, and a cure--nothing else.

All people who have died of AIDS and all people who are living with AIDS are innocent. I will not let Fairbanks belittle their dignity and respect. Thousands have worked selflessly and intelligently for the past six years to prevent and cure AIDS. I will not let Fairbanks ignore their tremendous accomplishments.

Mandatory testing will not cure or prevent AIDS. It will tell those who want to identify and isolate all homosexuals and/or persons living with AIDS whom to attack. I will not passively or quietly allow myself, my friends, or anyone else to be put into a concentration camp.


West Hollywood

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