Supreme Court's Ruling on Teaching of Creationism

In my high school days (1946-1948) we had no "creation science" in the classroom--just bigoted biology teachers who put down a student who believed in God.

With the Supreme Court ban on "creation science," I see a new rise of bigotry in the secular classroom--science teachers who are intolerant of one's personal faith and seek to ridicule those who don't accept evolution as fact.

The Times' editorial presumes that creationism is nonsense in the face of reason. With this attitude pervading the media, more and more believers will send their children to parochial schools. The courts have decided in favor of evolution. We need to remember, however, that even this decision was divided on a 7-2 vote.

Justice Scalia contended in his dissenting opinion that the court majority had adopted a "repressive" policy toward Christian fundamentalism. Science teachers now have the option to not "repress" students who choose to have a private faith in God. Judging from past performances, however, I foresee more intolerant science teachers insisting that evolution is a fact. And woe to the student if he doesn't believe it! Perhaps that is why some people label evolution as a religion. Believe it or else!


Santa Ana

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