Titanic’s Safe Found, Will Be Opened on TV

Associated Press

Treasure hunters have found the Titanic’s legendary safe and plan to open it during a live television broadcast, an expedition spokesman said today.

The safe was found Wednesday on the ocean floor 2 1/2 miles below the surface at the Titanic site, 350 miles southwest of Newfoundland, spokesman Daniel Puget said.

He said the safe is locked and refused to speculate on its contents.

Legend and rumor have surrounded the treasure that may have gone down with the 1,513 passengers and crew who drowned when the luxury liner hit an iceberg and sank April 15, 1912.

Tales of a fortune in diamonds and other jewels from the millionaire passengers on board have circulated, despite the opinion of experts who say most of the treasure was taken out of the safe in the hours before the ship sank.


The safe will be brought to the surface “one or two days from now” and will then be transported to a special laboratory in Paris, Puget said.

In October it will be taken to Monte Carlo, Monaco, to be opened during the live television broadcast Oct. 28, he said.