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Film industry insiders are beginning to anticipate a seamless box-office transition from the end of the summer movie frenzy to fall's slower (but no less busy) release pace. Fifteen films did more than $1 million in business over the weekend, with the new Bond film and "La Bamba" holding pace well compared to the newcomers. (Columbia Pictures' computers were down Monday, so the "La Bamba" figures are estimates.) "La Bamba's" performance is especially mystifying, because business has dropped considerably at the Spanish-language houses showing the film (it's already a second title at most such theaters). The strength of the opening of Disney's purchased film "Can't Buy Me Love"--which was less than kindly received by many critics--shows again what a crack marketing squad the Disney people have working for them.

* Another complete mystery to many analysts was the very successful opening weekend of Warner Bros.' "Disorderlies." Warner refused to advance-screen the picture, widely rumored to be (and generally received as) a bomb, and didn't do overmuch to advertise its release. Nor are people necessarily streaming in to see the Fat Boys, the film's nominal stars, who are nowhere near as popular a rap act as L. L. Cool J or Run-D.M.C. But figures do a lot of talking in the film industry, and the numbers on "Disorderlies" are good.

Figures courtesy of Exhibitor Relations Co.

Weekend Screens/ Weeks Movie gross/ Average in (Studio) Total release (millions) 1. Stakeout $5.6 1,016 2 (Touchstone/Disney) $15.2 $5,487 2. The Living Daylights $5.0 1,680 3 (United Artists) $33.7 $2,979 3. Can't Buy Me Love $4.8 1,256 1 (Walt Disney) $4.8 $3,786 4. No Way Out $4.3 806 1 (Orion) $4.3 $5,284 5. La Bamba $3.5 1,060 4 (Columbia) (note: estimated) ----- $3,301 * Disorderlies $2.7 545 1 (Warner Bros.) $2.7 $4,954

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