Growth in Palmdale Deemed Mishandled

Re--"Low Home Costs Bring New Boom to Palmdale" by David W. Myers (Aug. 9.).

Palmdale is already "just another town in the desert." The City Council has seen to that already in how it has handled growth. They are simply reinventing the wheel of urban blight, examples of which abound all around them in Los Angeles, Southern California and elsewhere.

The advantage of pristine space where one does not have to redevelop, restore, destroy, etc. is being totally wasted. Aside from the greed of developers, etc., there are the thousands of commuters who, en masse, make their own contributions.

How many years before the highway shootings in the area, drug and crime problems, pollution, etc.? It is also folly for the school district to spend much thought and money on permanent school buildings (monuments).


Los Angeles

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