Local News in Brief : Bianchi Sues Magazine


Kenneth Bianchi, the confessed “Hillside Strangler,” who is serving seven consecutive life sentences, has filed suit in Spokane, Wash., seeking millions of dollars for alleged inaccuracies in two Good Housekeeping magazine articles and a book about him.

The suit, filed Nov. 5 in federal court, names 21 defendants, including the magazine and Darcy O’Brien, the author of “Two of a Kind: The Hillside Stranglers.”

Bianchi, 36, is serving time in the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla for the 1979 murders of two Western Washington University students and of 10 “Hillside Strangler” killings in Los Angeles.


Bianchi claims there were numerous unfounded allegations about him, citing as an example a statement in a September, 1985, article that “Kenny asked his women for absolute fidelity.”

“This is a total fabrication,” the suit alleges.