Tourist Had to Get It Off Her Chest: 'Dalai Lama' Was Sgt. Bilko

Associated Press

A Chinese soldier in Tibet who tried to tear off a British woman's "Sergeant Bilko" T-shirt has become the first known case of someone mistaking Phil Silvers for the Dalai Lama.

As Kris Tait, 25, described the scene to British newspapers today, a large crowd of Tibetans apparently agreed with him about a likeness between the late American comedian and Tibet's exiled god-king.

Tait said she was in the town of Gyangste when a soldier noticed the shirt. She said that as he tried to rip it off, a crowd of Tibetans gathered, pointing at the portrait and chanting "Dalai Lama!"

The tourist said she wrenched free and fled to find a change of clothes.

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