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I have just returned from my yearly trip to faraway places. This year I visited New Zealand and Australia, a four-week journey on a magic carpet. I'd read an article in The Times about a Maori carver of jade, Hepi Maxwell, who lives in Rotorua, New Zealand, which was on my itinerary. In Auckland a tour of the city was conducted by a very pretty Maori girl. I asked her if she had knowledge of Maxwell. She gave me a happy smile and said, "That's my uncle in Rotorua, which is your next stop. I will call him and tell him you will call him." I was elated, for a jade carving by such a renowned carver would be quite a prize.

In Rotorua I spoke with Mrs. Maxwell and expressed my desire to meet them and see some of Maxwell's work in jade. The Maoris call it green stone. The next noon they arrived at my hotel. Maxwell showed me a beautiful stylistic pattern of a gourd, which symbolized the water-carrying vessel of the early Maoris. The carved jade pendant is now a prized possession. I thank the Travel Section for my experience.



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