Homeless Aren't Welcome in Venice

I have read with interest the letters pronouncing the plight of the homeless and all the charity we should feel for these disadvantaged people. But the permanent residents of Venice and Santa Monica can only take so much.

That is why we formed the Venice/Santa Monica Neighborhood Assn. with the clear intent to let our politicians know that they cannot dump the entire city and county problem on Venice.

With the ongoing expansion of homeless services along Rose Avenue, our elected officials and the St. Joseph Center have created a "magnet" for all of the city's homeless to "come on down" to Venice. "Skid Rose" is what we see as the outcome.

We oppose soup kitchens, shelters and showers along Rose and will fight to stop these plans. We will take legal action against St. Joseph's and the City of Los Angeles if necessary to stop the "welcome mat" approach to vagrants in our neighborhood.

Venice has plenty of low-income services, including housing, but it is already full. We all live in a very heavily populated area with little room to expand. We will no longer be a "dumping ground" for the homeless who want to live in a great area, but not pay for it like we do.

I am certain that most "permanent residents" believe the same things that we do and we welcome your involvement with us in this cause. Ruth Galanter, I hope you read this.


Venice/Santa Monica

Neighborhood Assn.

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