Local News in Brief : Trailers for the Homeless

Workers on Monday began preparing a low-income housing project for installation of the city's first 10 trailers for homeless families.

The trailers at the Ramona Gardens Housing Project in Boyle Heights are among 102 that the city bought to provide temporary housing for homeless families at sites across Los Angeles. Most of the trailers will be on vacant land next to housing projects.

Some sites had to be scrapped because of opposition by tenants and City Council members who represented the targeted districts. But City Councilman Richard Alatorre said tenants at the Ramona Gardens project agreed to participate once they were told that the trailers will be filled with homeless families and not the stereotypical single men who live on Skid Row.

"They are even planning a special welcoming for the families," Alatorre said at a ground-breaking ceremony at the project, which is in his Eastside district.

The 10 trailers are expected to be ready for occupancy by Christmas.

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