14 Die in Sikh Separatist Violence in India

From Reuters

Fourteen people were killed, including nine members of one family, in violence blamed on Sikh separatists over the New Year's holidays, police said Friday.

Police said Sikh militants shot and killed three people in Beas village Friday. In Amritsar, site of the Sikh's holiest shrine, the Golden Temple, police found the bodies of two suspected extremists possibly killed by rival hard-liners.

Nine members of a Sikh family were killed by gunmen Thursday night in their farmhouse in Cheema Bath village, 25 miles southeast of Amritsar, police said. Among the dead were four women and three young girls. A note left at the scene accused the family of being informers, police said.

Police officials in the Punjab state capital, Chandigarh, said more than 1,230 people were killed in 1987 in violence set off by extremists fighting for an independent Sikh homeland.

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