Mandlikova Is Now an Australian

Hana Mandlikova became an Australian citizen on New Year's Day, vowing never again to play tennis for her native Czechoslovakia despite being named to its 1988 Olympic and Federation Cup teams.

Mandlikova, who took the oath of citizenship in Sydney, said: "I feel like I gave a lot to the Czech Federation. I played for them for 10 years and I did a lot for Czech tennis.

"I really feel like I want to do something for the Australians--I want to represent them and I want to give something back because I love this country and I feel like I am at home."

Mandlikova, rated fifth in the world, said she was angered at Czechoslovakia's decision to name her to the 1988 Federation Cup team.

"I think if you're named for the Federation Cup you should at least be asked," she said. "But there's no way I'll play."

Mandlikova's husband, Sydney restaurateur Jan Sedlak, 33, did not attend Friday's ceremony. He was in Czechoslovakia on family business.

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