Your editorial "Compassion Fatigue" (Dec. 25) fails to tell the whole story. You say the government of Ethiopia "has been slow to respond to appeals for reform in its rigid Marxist structures that favor collective farms, enforce massive movements of people . . . . This has prompted forecasts of food shortages extending beyond the present drought . . . ." The Communists are always blaming drought and never sending help to the victims of genocide. Here you are only reporting on the fringe evidence of the real problem.

We are now reading in our newspapers of Stalin's genocide of millions of Soviet people, forced farm collectivization and mass movements from age-old customized agriculture in the name of communist socialism.

The problem is that Lenin is still dictating this. It is highly evidenced in Eastern Europe, with their present minimum-existence economic status. We now see this applied by Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega on the indigenous Central American Indians--mass-movement collectivization.

We now need a fully documented treatise on this subject for all to see.


Costa Mesa

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