Hollywood : Development Advisers Vote

A newly reconstituted citizens' advisory committee for the $1-billion-plus Hollywood redevelopment plan has elected Edward Hunt, a landscape architect, as its chairman.

Hunt defeated Bennett Kayser 14-6 in balloting Monday at the group's second meeting since committee elections were held Nov. 16.

He was regarded as a compromise candidate between slow-growth advocates and their allies, and more development-minded forces on the committee, including the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Until Nov. 16, the latter had dominated the committee since it was established in 1983.

Kayser, who as head of a group called Save Hollywood Our Town, was elected to the committee in November. The group has filed suit against the Community Redevelopment Agency to thwart its redevelopment plans for Hollywood. Natalie Ambrose, a social worker affiliated with a group called Chip-In, and considered to be another moderate, was chosen as vice chairman, defeating Scott Halper, 15-5. Halper was picked as secretary, also by 15-5 over Nyla Arslanian.

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