United Western Medical Centers to Accelerate Advertising Campaign : MEDICAL

Compiled by Leslie Berkman, Times Staff Writer

United Western Medical Centers, which administers acute care hospitals in Santa Ana and Anaheim, is about to accelerate its first advertising campaign aimed at potential patients, insurance companies, doctors and employers, according to Wayne Schroeder, president of the organization.

Like other hospitals, Schroeder said, United Western Medical Centers is having to be more competitive because of industry deregulation and increased pressure from government agencies and private insurance groups to both cut costs and offer a broader range of services.

Schroeder said the response to United Western's initial newspaper advertisement last month for its pediatric and maternity services was so strong that he has decided to begin launching advertisements of other hospital programs on a weekly basis, starting Thursday with promotion of mammographies for early detection of breast cancer.

Future advertisements will highlight cardiology services, eye care and health care for seniors. The last in the series, entitled "Preferred Physician," will instruct the public on how to shop for good health care.

A "unique" feature of the advertisements, Schroeder said, consists of testimonials from United Western Medical Centers' staff doctors.

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