Sheer Folly : Catherine Bach Gets a Kick From Decorative Leg Wear

Mary Rourke is a Times staff writer

SHE TANGOS. That's how actress Catherine Bach keeps her legs in shape. To show them off, she says, she wears tinted, textured hosiery and short skirts.

Some people still remember her as Daisy, the hillbilly belle from "The Dukes of Hazzard." Lately, Bach has starred in a stage production of the classic "Bus Stop." And her first leading role in a feature film, "Street Justice," will be released this spring.

Here she models showstopper leg wear that jazzes up tailored suits. Beyond the basic blacks that made news last fall, this season's stockings are sparkling sheers, rich opaques and subtly textured hosiery with fine pinstripes or playful orange-peel flecks.

And what if construction workers whistle?

"Any woman who's offended by that doesn't have a sense of humor," Bach says. She's smiling.

Hair by Victor Vidal/Cloutier; makeup by Carol Shaw/Cloutier; styling by Claude Deloffre and Beth Bickson/Celestine-Cloutier.

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