Recycling Cans

I noticed the two letters (Dec. 31) responding with helpful suggestions to James. L. Schefter's (Dec. 21) recycling tribulations.

Recently, I returned from a trip to Denmark where they have dealt with the problem of recycling aluminum cans in another way. They simply do not sell beverages in aluminum cans.

Beer and soda pop are sold in reusable bottles and they can be returned at stores, fast-food stands or any place that the beverages are sold.

We should not forget that reuse is a higher environmental ethic than recycling. By that standard, our new California one-cent law is destined to fall short of the task that needs to be done.

Incidentally, the bottle deposit in Denmark is one kroner (about 16 cents), much higher than in Oregon, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts and other states that have effective deposit laws.


Santa Barbara

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