Brezhnev Aide Gets 9-Year Term for Taking Bribes


The late Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev's private secretary has been given a nine-year jail term for taking bribes while working for the Kremlin chief, the government newspaper Izvestia said today.

Izvestia said the man, Gennady Brovin, held the post for 13 years until Brezhnev's death in October, 1982, and had amassed at least 19,000 rubles, or $30,000, in bribes.

Izvestia said Brovin used his position to telephone judicial officials to intervene on behalf of people accused of serious embezzlement offenses and whose relatives and friends had paid him bribes.

Brezhnev's son-in-law Yury Churbanov, former first deputy minister of the interior, is also in jail, and according to Soviet officials is awaiting trial on corruption charges.

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