Consumer Safety Commission's Ban on Selling 3-Wheeled ATVs

I take exception to your comments regarding ATVs and the "sport" that may kill. Yes, I am one of the thousands of people who enjoy riding ATVs. I also agree that these ATVs can be dangerous if not properly used.

Most accidents are caused by so-called "adults" who have been drinking heavily and then decide to go ride their toys. The majority of other accidents are caused by children who do not know what they are doing. These kids have irresponsible parents who buy them an ATV, bring them to the desert and let them ride. The parents don't give any instruction or they just don't pay attention. I agree ATVs should be banned for kids under 12.

However, I totally disagree with the banning of all three-wheel ATVs. Yes, if adults want to kill themselves, let them. But just because the minority of people get injured, you can't go overboard and ban all ATVs.

That is the same as outlawing all cars because a minority of people drink and drive. These people then go out and hurt and kill others. Why not outlaw bicycles since lots of bicycle riders ride unsafely and have or cause accidents? Where do we stop? Do we outlaw boats because irresponsible people cause accidents? Everything can be thought of as dangerous or unstable if not properly used.

Let's not go overboard and start banning everything.


Mission Viejo

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