Obituaries : Carlos Rangel, 58; Conservative Intellectual

Associated Press

Carlos Rangel, one of Latin America's best-known conservative intellectuals, has died at the age of 58, and sources close to the journalist say he committed suicide.

Rangel's family did not provide information about his death. Rangel died Thursday night and was buried Friday morning in Caracas. Sources close to the family, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Rangel had been suffering from severe depression lately.

"Carlos Rangel's sudden death constitutes an irreparable loss for Venezuela. He was an exceptional man," President Jaime Lusinchi said at the burial service Friday.

Rangel's first popular book, "The Latin Americans" in its English edition, criticized what he called the tendency to blame most of the region's problems on the United States. In other books, such as "Third World Ideology," he challenged those inclined to blame rich nations for the Third World's failure to develop.

Rangel and his wife, Sophia, had been hosts of "Good Morning," a popular television program, since 1968.

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