Local News in Brief : Body Exhumed Over Suit

The body of a millionaire who died two years ago on the island of Aruba at the age of 50 was exhumed Wednesday from her burial site in Long Beach, coroner's officials said.

Under orders from Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ricardo A. Torres, an autopsy and laboratory tests will be performed on the body of Nancy Galyean Barwick, who left a $1.2-million estate when she died under circumstances questioned by her two children. The order came after the two children filed a wrongful death suit against their stepfather.

"We were given a court order to do an exhumation and autopsy to try and determine the cause and manner of death," coroner's spokesman Bob Dambacher said.

Barwick's husband, Kenneth Barwick, has said his wife died of a heart attack after the couple and their boat crew swam ashore in Aruba after their craft sank in February, 1985.

The autopsy could take up to several days, Dambacher said.

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