AIDS and Politic

Regarding "Leaders Fall," what a shame it is to see such misguided and ineffective solutions to a serious problem being considered. How any rationally thinking human being can consider politically dealing with a contagious disease is incredible.

Also, the point of comparing AIDS with the Ethiopian famine or the Vietnam incident is greatly distressing.

AIDS is a tragic public health problem that will not go away as a result of condoms, political action, or adequate press coverage. In my opinion, five simple points will help our nation deal with AIDS in an intelligent and effective manner:

--All incidents of infection should be reported as is standard procedure in all states for venereal diseases.

--Contact tracing should be done as is performed with syphilis, a curable disease.

--Some mandatory testing. Blood donors, people seeking marriage licenses, hospital admittees, health care workers, prison inmates, and those arrested on drug or prostitution charges are likely candidates.

--Close the bathhouses. In 49 states heterosexual prostitution is illegal, yet the bathhouses catering to homosexual activity are allowed to remain open.

--Make it a crime to knowingly infect others with threat of quarantine if done.

Because of powerful homosexual political activity, these are politically risky measures for anyone in government to attempt. However, with the specter of AIDS hanging over our heads and our children's future, action must be taken to reduce the spread of this dreaded disease.



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