Letters and Jews for Jesus

I had always presumed that the Letters to the Editor column was reserved to present the alternate view to something that was expressed or reported, or that it was used to answer or explain something which had been published editorially.

I am not used to seeing statements like the letter published with regard to our advertised offer for the Jesus for Jews book. I am not surprised that you received such a letter since certain Jewish religious agencies are intent on conducting a vendetta against any agency evangelizing Jews.

So far as I know, there aren't any rabbis who have been happy over the fact that certain Jews have chosen to believe Jesus and become, in effect, dissenters, from a majority view. Nevertheless, all of the "nay saying" in the world will not conceal the fact that Levey completely avoided the real issue. That real issue isn't whether or not we are nice, authentic or sincere people, it is whether or not Jesus is the Messiah.

I am not going to answer the barrage of propaganda which consists of attacks on the intelligence or integrity of Jews for Jesus. I think that the general public is intelligent enough to see that name calling and glittering generalities are a rather thinly disguised attempt to negate the positive statement we are making.


Executive Director

Jews for Jesus

San Francisco

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