Nova Proves to Be Excellent Product Despite Its Bad Image, Neglect by GM

Nowhere is the arrogance of American business more evident than in General Motors' attitude toward its Nova.

While everyone--both inside and outside the company--agrees that this is a truly quality American-built automobile, they are afraid to say just that because they are concerned it will reflect poorly on the rest of the GM line. A real display of confidence.

These geniuses of American commerce also have retained the same lemon model name the car has had for years. (Does anyone remember that this was the firm that tried to sell the Nova in Latin America, without realizing that it meant "no go"? This is also the same outfit that spent millions of dollars getting rid of their one sane voice when they bought out H. Ross Perot last year.)

To compound their ignorance, the clever folks at GM also claim that the public wants "sportier cars," while ignoring the fact that utilitarian South Korean cars are selling like hot cakes, as is the nearly identical car produced under the Toyota name, the Corolla.

The workers, unions and industry critics all praise the Nova and the way it is built, expressing pride in a product that has been a long time coming. Why is it that GM is afraid of exploiting this? Because the concept is Japanese and not theirs?

My only regret is not owning enough GM stock to vote those turkeys out.


Los Angeles

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