Local News in Brief : Soviet Reform Discussed

Perestroika-- the catchword for Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev's program to reconstruct the moribund Soviet economy--came to Torrance last week.

The peace group Beyond War sponsored Dr. Oles Adamovich, director of the chief Soviet research institute on film, in a program at the Torrance library Thursday that was attended by 100 people. Before his speech, Adamovich met for dinner with a select group at the house of a Beyond War organizer in Torrance, who asked not to be identified because "there are still some right-wing kooks around."

At the dinner, Adamovich conceded that the perestroika program was facing difficulties. He called the recent ouster of Boris Yeltsin as Moscow party chief a victory for conservative opponents of the Gorbachev program. In addition, he said, Gorbachev's opponents in the Soviet Union are watching Eastern Europe for evidence that Gorbachev's policy is unsettling the satellite nations.

After an hour's grilling, Adamovich was asked if he had any questions.

"Who is going to be the next president?" he asked.

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