Youth's Return to Zimbabwe

This letter is in protest--outraged protest--of the order issued by the Supreme Court to return a boy to his torturers. This is truly a national disgrace, another appalling act of blatant moral cowardice displayed by the once noblest country on earth.

We are dealing with a fragile human life here--the life of a child already irreparably damaged. Can there be any doubt in the mind of any honest person what will happen to that child on his return to the brutal environment of Zimbabwe?

One of the basic principles of our country was granting asylum to the victims of tyranny. Once again this principle has been violated by the abject bowing and scraping of our government to the threats and edicts of a savage, little non-country!

What is even more incomprehensible and unforgivable is that this latest outrage has been conducted over the battered, brutally beaten body of a helpless and terrified little boy!



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