Bullfighter Curro Giron, 49, Dies After Surgery

Associated Press

Bullfighter Curro Giron, famed throughout Latin America and Spain for his fearlessness in the bullring, died after undergoing emergency surgery, the state news agency Venpres reported.

Venpres said Giron died Thursday night. He was 49.

Giron underwent surgery Thursday morning to correct "varicose veins in the colon" and died hours later, Venpres reported.

In his 30 years in the ring, Giron, a native of Maracay in Aragua state, was in 619 bullfights. The last time he faced a bull was in November.

His brother, Cesar Giron, was one of Latin America's best-known matadors until his death in 1971 in a car accident. His other brothers, Rafael, Efrain and Freddy, are also bullfighters.

Giron became a full-fledged bullfighter Sept. 27, 1957, in Barcelona, Spain. He fought in Spanish bullrings for four years and participated in 58 fights there, a record for foreign bullfighters.

He was seriously gored in July, 1958, and spent a year recovering.

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