Sexism Is Alive and, Well, Irritating to This Reader

Blatant sexism and tastelessness are alive and well and living in the mind and pen of John Lusk (Viewpoint, Jan. 23).

To have waited until 1987 to try and correct the decades-old problem of sexual discrimination in the broadcast booth is a sad enough commentary, but to see someone like Mr. Lusk violently protesting this kind of progress is just plain pathetic.

Commendations are in order to NBC for letting Gayle Sierens prove that, believe it or not, John, women do know touchdowns from touchbacks, and that clipping doesn't necessarily involve coupons. To Gayle, and any other woman aspiring to a sportscasting career, I wish you the best of luck . . . you'll need plenty of it to take on the John Lusks of the world.

As for you, Mr. Lusk, maybe your employer should take a cue from CBS' recent actions and terminate you. This, in turn, will allow you to retreat into your own world, safely sheltered from the "whiny voices" of half of the world's population.



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