Lana's Daughter

In reading the article on Cheryl Crane, one very important point is made magnificently clear. It occurs under the sub-heading "The Gay Life," when Lana Turner asks her daughter, "You mean it wasn't something I did? It wasn't environmental?"

Evidently Turner had been carrying a feeling of guilt for some time. What a shame! I hope every parent with this gross misunderstanding will take heart and ease up on the unnecessary self-torture they put themselves through.

No, dear mothers and fathers of gay offspring, you are not at fault! Get off the guilt trip and spend more time worrying about your child's happiness. Self-flaggelation is for religious fanatics, as is blaming God for punishing His children for their life style by sending a deadly plague upon them.

My homosexuality drove me to self-hatred and then went completely wild in condemning not only my parents, but the life style in general. I woke up before reading the above-mentioned article, but thank you Calendar for printing it. It reinforces my newly acquired tolerance for the life style I hated for so long.


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