HIGH LIFE : Should Girls Ask Boys to Go Out?

The hardest part of dating is gathering enough courage to ask another person out, realizing that you may be turned down, your ego shattered in the process. In our society it is customary for the male to do the asking, but what if a girl is interested in a guy and wants to take the initiative?

Here are some of the responses to this week’s hot topic: “Is it OK for a girl to ask a guy out on a date?”

Bethel Baptist

“If girls didn’t ask boys out, some girls would end up staying home all the time.”


--Jennifer Pulfer, 17, junior

Corona del Mar

“Girls have always wanted to be equal, but if they do not ever pay for dates or ask guys out, then there is no equality.”

--Eric Angebi, 15, junior

“I feel that if a guy likes you enough then he’ll ask you out. You don’t have to ask him.”

--Erin Turner, 17, senior


“A perfect date for me would be for a girl to take me out. She can open the door for me, drive and pay for everything.”


--David Ballinger, 17, senior


“Totally. I think it’s rad if a girl has enough confidence to ask a guy out; however, it scares some old-fashioned guys off.”

--Kristi Wheaton, 15, sophomore


“It really doesn’t make a difference to me as long as she’s comfortable doing it; but I’d only say yes to the ones that are fun to be with and easy to get along with.”

--Todd Smyser, 15, freshman

El Toro

“Yes, I think it’s OK for a girl to ask a guy out if she pays. She should be the one to make the first move on the date.”


--Dave Cuttrell, 16, sophomore


“I think it’s OK for the girl to pay for the date, too, as long as they’re not too pushy. It gets kind of annoying if a girl ends up knocking on your door five days a week.”

--Dave Allen, 18, senior


“It’s OK for some girls to ask guys out, but I’m not the type. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable doing something like that.”

--Michelle Wu, 17, senior

Liberty Christian

“It’s OK if it’s for a school function, like Sadie Hawkins; otherwise, it’s better if the guy asks.”


--Jennifer Richardson, 16, junior

“There’s no reason why a girl should have to sit around and wait for a guy she likes to ask her out, she might as well do it.”

--Rich Hills, 17, senior



“Definitely. As long as she doesn’t get too pushy. Once he knows she’s interested, he’ll ask her out if he likes her.”

--Tim Hungerford, 17, senior

Mater Dei

“I think it’s all right for a girl to ask a guy out. It’s the best way to let someone know you like them, and it’s extremely flattering.”


--Jeff Martinez, 17, junior

“It’s more romantic for the guy to ask a girl; I guess I’m old-fashioned.”

--Tricia Gonzales, 16, junior



“I don’t really ask a guy; I’ll just hint, and then he’ll ask. A lot of guys are shy, and they may like a girl but be too afraid to ask.”

--Dawn Guimont, 18, senior

Santa Margarita

“Male and female teen-agers both have the same insecurities, and it also takes the pressure off the guys.”


--Heather Mogush, 14, freshman


“I do not think that it is fair for girls to expect guys to ask all the time. If there is a guy that I want to ask, I will ask him.”

--Erin Eaves, 18, senior


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Hot Topic responses gathered by Roxane Dyrud, Patrick Yoon, Lynda Kim, Trisha Wertner, Michele Mitchell, Dawn Stone, Cathy Hills, Jane Kim, Tanya Diaz, Monica Neal, Megan Bendtzen and Jason Pommier.