Tass Pokes Fun at Astrology Caper

Associated Press

The official news agency Tass poked fun Wednesday at President Reagan’s reported faith in astrology, wondering in a dispatch what the stars are telling the leader of the West.

“It is difficult to say what the May night sky, studded with stars, predicted to the President, but it hardly predicted that he would have to speak about the role of astrology in the politics of the U.S.A.,” an agency commentary said.

Tass characterized as evasive Reagan’s denial that he had ever been swayed by the stars in making policy decisions.


“When he appeared on Tuesday in one of the halls of the White House, reporters practically showered him with questions,” the agency said. “They wondered to what extent astrologers and fortune-tellers influenced him when he had to make political decisions.

“He was quick to answer, but he tried to escape from direct answers to further questions. All this has not clarified the questions raised, and now more Americans are asking themselves: May it be true that the President determines the country’s political course with the help of the stars?”