State Schools Urged to Bar Teacher Over His 'Theories'

I agree with the letter written by Jimmie Dixson from the San Gabriel Chapter of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People. Substitute teacher James Willard from San Dimas High School must be barred from any teaching position in California for his racist "theories" in comparing different nationalities and ethnic groups to different animals.

This is not a case of academic freedom nor of free speech, but simply one of racist views supported by tax dollars. We are facing a racial crisis because of such things as the shooting of two blacks by whites in Playa Del Rey simply because the blacks were fishing there.

To allow Willard to continue teaching and to allow school officials to support him and remain in their positions will increase racist acts and provide local government support of such acts through tax dollars.

I just hope the good people in San Dimas demand the ouster of Willard and school officials who condone such action.



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