'Arms and the Middle East'

Since Israel obstinately persists in practicing state terrorism against its unwilling Palestinian subjects, ignoring worldwide expressions of protest, a drastic remedy is clearly indicated. Why not consider deducting from our super-generous aid to Israel those easily identifiable damages caused by such illegal or extralegal measures as the killing, maiming or deporting of protesters and bystanders, destruction of homes, and now detention under false cover of journalism (your editorial "Dangerous Deception," July 9)?

Claims commissions, staffed largely by American lawyers willing to work pro bono, would be located in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. If Israel objects, the commissions could be set up in adjacent countries. Their expenses and claimants' travel costs would be met from aid funds.

This is intended as a serious, constructive proposal by a member of the American-Israeli Civil Liberties Coalition. Can anyone suggest a more logical and effective incentive for Israel to revert to its original Zionist goal of peaceful coexistence with its neighbors?


Long Beach

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