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Interior Secretary Donald P. Hodel announced a new, more aggressive policy to fight the worst fire outbreak ever in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Hodel flew over the smoke-engulfed 2.2 million-acre park, the nation's oldest, for a first-hand look at the 88,615 acres ablaze from 12 fires raging after two weeks. Later, Hodel told reporters near Old Faithful geyser that the National Park Service would suppress all new fires that break out in the park. He said he expects the policy eventually to apply to all national parks. Under previous fire management plans, certain fires were allowed to burn as long as they stayed within their "prescription," a set of conditions including size and direction. Earlier, park spokeswoman Marsha Karle said seven of the 12 Yellowstone fires were being actively fought. The others either were considered too remote or not serious.

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