Soviet Refugees

I am writing to you in response to your article (Part I, June 16) about the Zieman family, Jewish refuseniks, which stated that the Ziemans would only be allowed to reapply for their exit visas from the Soviet Union in 1992.

I was deeply honored to have 12-year-old Vera Zieman symbolically share my bat mitzvah with me (to be held Oct. 1) as my Soviet "twin."

I wrote to Time magazine in response to its June 6 article about the Zieman family, asking if anyone there could help me petition for exit visas for Vera and her family. On July 19 I received word from Time that the Zieman family has been given official permission to leave the Soviet Union and will be coming to America around the end of August.

In receiving this incredibly wonderful news, I called Vera's sister in Brighton, Mass., who informed me she is expecting her family by mid-September. She has assured me she will keep me posted of any new developments.

I want to share with you the intention of my family to bring Vera and her family out to Los Angeles for the celebration of our bat mitzvah on Oct. 1.


Los Angeles

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