Israel's Use of Detention

Conrad's Sept. 26 political cartoon showing David with a missile and atom bomb instead of the fabled slingshot will enrage a segment of the Jewish community. But it reflects a truth.

Yesterday's slingshot will not destroy the giants that seek to exterminate Israel and/or deny its right to exist. It may well take the threat of missiles and atom bombs to bring an end to the madness that exists in the Middle East, and elsewhere, as nations arm themselves with weapons that, if used, can only bring victory at a cost of destroying civilization as we know it, and the future for a world that needs to recognize differences exist.

Look about us! The wide variety of people that populate this planet is more than matched in the vast panorama and plethora of animals, fishes, insects and plant life that share this precious space with us.

The story of David also tells us that he could not build the Holy Temple. Jews had to wait for Solomon to inherit the throne to build the sanctuary by which man honors one's vision of a higher power whom we call God, even as we worship him in so many different ways.

The tragedy today is that the kiss of death seeks to replace the blessings of life.


Pacific Palisades

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