Four-time U.S. Olympic team member Edwin Moses...


Four-time U.S. Olympic team member Edwin Moses reaffirms what he has been saying for five years--that drug use is common among world-class athletes, and a Soviet coach says he feels sorry for Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, according to articles in the Oct. 10 issue of Newsweek.

Johnson tested positive for steroid use at the Olympics, costing him a gold medal and a world record of 9.79 seconds in the 100-meter race.

“I feel sorry for Ben Johnson,” the Soviet coach, who insisted on anonymity, says in one article. “All sportsmen--not all, but maybe 90%, including our own--use drugs.”


In another article, Moses, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the 400-meter hurdles, said that 50% of competitors in high-performance sports use drugs but avoid detection.

American Willie Banks, the world record-holder in the triple jump, said he thinks 20% to 30% of the athletes use drugs.