Mate Deserves a Magna Cum LOUD

Associated Press

A woman has sued her ex-husband, claiming he filled out her class reunion questionnaire with defamatory information, including that one of her hobbies is “looking for new and wealthier husbands.”

In her suit, Sharon K. Silver alleges that her former husband, Gerald H. Pfeffer of Willernie, received the high school class reunion questionnaire and sent it back with false allegations.

The responses were published in a reunion publication and seen by 100 former classmates, according to the suit.

Under the heading “Achievements Most Proud Of,” Pfeffer wrote, “My three divorces and how each time I married into more money to the point where I am now living on the $400,000 settlement and interest from my third divorce.”


The suit also said Pfeffer wrote that his ex-wife’s hobbies were nightclubbing, partying and looking for new and wealthier husbands.

Under the heading “Secret Ambition or Fantasy,” Pfeffer wrote: “Seeing if I can’t get married as many times as Liz Taylor and gain my riches through divorces instead of working.”