Columbia, on a Roll, Slips Up and Beats Princeton


The Colleges

It didn’t last as long as the Hundred Years War. Or even Howard Cosell’s reign on “Monday Night Football.” Still, Columbia’s losing streak seemed to go on forever.

But just when the toothless Lions were within purring range of the all-time National Collegiate Athletic Assn. record for consecutive losses, 50 (by Division III Macalester College of St. Paul, Minn.), they gummed up everything. They nipped Princeton, 16-13, to end their streak at a paltry 44.

The setting had been appropriate--a homecoming ceremony titled, “The Golden Age of Columbia Football” (Really, there once was one, a half century ago).


In other ceremonies, No. 4 Ohio State was bent on revenge after losing to No. 4 Indiana last year in what Blackeye coach Earle Bruce called the “darkest day in Ohio State history.” Indiana romped this time, too, 41-7. Darkest Day II, Hoosier fans called it. Another sequel is in the works.

The Rankings:

Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Princeton (2-2) 13-16, Columbia Bucknell 2. Auburn (0-1)* 6-7, LSU Akron 3. Miamis (4-6)** 18-41, W. Mich. Split 4. Illinois (3-2) d. Purdue, 20-0 Wisconsin 4. Indiana (4-0-1) d. Ohio St., 41-7 Minneha 4. Iowa (3-2-1) d. Wis., 31-6 Michigan 4. Michigan (3-2) d. Mich. St., 17-3 Iowa 4. Mich. (0-4-1) 3-17, Michigan N’western 4. Minneha (2-2-1) Tied N’west, 28-28 Indiana 4. N’west (0-4-1) Tied Minneha, 28-28 Mich. St. 4. Ohio State (2-3) 7-41, Indiana Dark Day 3? 4. Purdon’t (2-3) 0-20, Illinois Ohio State 4. Wisconsin (0-5) 6-31, Iowa Illinois

14. Tennessee (0-5); 15. Pitt (2-3); 16. Georgia Tech (1-4); 17. Florida State (trailed Georgia Southern, 7-10, in fourth quarter); 18. Pentagon (sea-based forces) (3-3); 19. Idle; 20. Columbia (1-3).

*Record vs. teams that were not previously winless.

**Combined records of Miami (Florida), Miami (Ohio), Miami (West Virginia).

ROUT OF THE WEEK: Columbia (1-3) over Yale (0-3-1).

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Ohio State (2-3) vs. Purdon’t (2-3).

COFFIN CORNER COACH: Wisconsin (0-5) Coach Don Morton appeared at the start of his weekly television show in a coffin-like box. His head popped out and a sign said: “We might be down but we’re not dead yet.” Stay tuned for further bulletins on their condition.

QUOTEBOOK: The news that Lamar University showed up against Arizona State without its football pants and had to borrow more than 40 pairs from the Sun Devils leads reader Bob Brigham to ask: “Do you think the Arizona State coaches told their own players before the game, ‘Boys, they put on our pants the same way we do, one leg at a time . . . ‘ ? “

The Pros

Welcome to the Bay Division, also known as the Troy Aikman Competition. Tampa, Green and San Diego are all vying for the worst record in the National Football League, so they’ll have a shot at drafting the UCLA quarterback.

The Chargers’ Babe Laufenberg is a tough competitor, but to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, he’s no John Elway.

Elway is passing erratically but he’s so versatile he can make up for it in other ways. Against San Diego, for instance, he threw a pass that was deflected back to him on the fly. He reached up and knocked it down, resisting the temptation to intercept his own pass.

The talk of the Pits Division is the imminent return of hobbyist Bo Jackson to the gravel fields of No. 1 Irwindale. The Raiders are coming off a 14-24 loss to Miami, which was sparked by Ron (the Polish Holder) Jaworski, who assisted on a field goal and 3 extra-point attempts.


Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Irwindale (2-4) 14-24, Miami Kansas City 2. Pitt (1-5) 14-31, Phoenix Houston


Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Tampa (2-4) 13-14, Minnesota Indianapolis* 2. Green (1-5) Def. Old England,45-3 Minnesota* 3. S.D. (2-4) 17-23, New Orleans Miami (Fla.)

*For some reason, Tampa and Green don’t play each other this week.


Team, Record Last Loss Next Loss 1. Dallas (2-4) 17-35, Wash. Chicago 2. Detroit (1-5) 7-24, Chicago N.J. Giants 3. Kansas City (1-4-1) 6-7, Houston Irwindale 4. Dickersons (1-5) 23-34, Buffalo Tampa 5. Red Sox (0-4)) Swept Idle

CRUMMY GAME OF THE WEEK: Irwindale (2-4) at Kansas City (1-4-1).

A NEW SCANDAL? NFL private detectives are investigating charges made by Atlanta tackle Tony Casillas, who said: “If it weren’t for peroxide and hairdressers, there wouldn’t be a Brian Bosworth. . . . The guy doesn’t even exist.”