Maytag Blue Cheese, Other Products, Available Via Mail Directly From the Dairy

Maytag Blue cheese is available year-round via mail order directly from the dairy. However, November and December are the company's busiest months, so extra time should be allowed for shipments during that period.

The dairy also offers a full line of cheese products, including goat's milk blue cheese. Prices vary depending upon selection and amounts ordered.

For information, or to make a credit card purchase, call Maytag at (800) 247-2458. For additional order forms, or brochures describing Maytag's product selection, write to Maytag Dairy Farms, Box 806, Newton, Iowa 50208.

In Southern California, Bristol Farms markets in South Pasadena and Rancho Palos Verdes have carried Maytag Blue cheese in the past as has the Irvine Ranch Market.

As for storage, company representatives said the blue-green mold may continue to "blossom" once the cheese is unwrapped. If the mold's bloom does appear, however, just wipe or cut it from the cheese and the rest will remain edible.

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