Reassessments of 'The Lost-Out Generation'

The article states that "when (Mark) Daw decided to get in the housing market, all he could afford was a condominium in a 'marginal' neighborhood"--the clear implication being that the marginal neighborhood is the one where I currently reside, in Sierra Madre.

Sierra Madre is an outstanding community in which to reside in all respects. The reference I made concerned the first condominium I purchased eight years ago in an adjacent community, and not to the development where I now live.

While I did feel a culture shock when I moved from the affluence of San Marino to my own residence, I also realized that I had to start somewhere. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to purchase my first condominium. While the prospect of owning a home in San Marino appears distant at this time, I am thankful to be able to own a lovely home in a community as fine as Sierra Madre.

When I agreed to be a subject of the story, it was done with the understanding that I did not want to come across as a complainer. Rather, it was done to explain how dreams and desires have changed from the starry-eyed prospects of a teen-ager into time-tempered yet optimistic expectations of a young adult. We all have dreams; some are fulfilled, others are not. Life takes each person on an individual course that molds and changes our values. The Lord has blessed me immensely, and I wish to state that fact publicly.


Sierra Madre

Because of an editing error, Daw was indeed misquoted. The Times regrets the error.

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