'Real Test' Begins for George Bush

Your vacuous editorial "Bush: the Real Test" is so typical of the preposterous leftist rhetoric displayed almost daily on the pages of The Times that it is almost unworthy of serious rebuttal. But its ridiculous assumptions are so outrageous I can't resist.

You are trying to deny the facts of the election, and these are that the American people, by and large, strongly rejected the attempts of the political left to win control of this country. The Democrats elected to Congress are not necessarily going to be hostile to George Bush. I suspect that most of them, like Bush, represent the mainstream of American society, not the special interests that control the left and much of the media. These Democrats are likely to work with Bush in dealing with the issues of the day.

This nation is not divided. It pulled together magnificently on Nov. 8 and gave Bush the mandate he sought.


El Toro

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