Pasadena Will Host Annual Jamboree

There are two national genealogical conferences planned for this year, plus an important regional one in Southern California--the Jamboree. Now is the time to make plans to attend. These conferences are exciting learning experiences.

The one-day Jamboree will be April 30 at the Pasadena Center, 300 E. Green St. This 20th annual event includes speakers on many genealogical research topics, plus offers genealogists an opportunity to obtain material and books on many subjects. More than 200 vendors participate, offering everything from books to computer software.

Beginning classes in genealogy are presented throughout the day in addition to the specialized lectures.

To place your name on the Jamboree’s “Genealogy: A Cooperative Venture” contact: Jamboree, Southern California Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 4377, Burbank 91503, or call (818) 843-7247.


The National Genealogical Society’s annual conference will be May 17-20 in St. Paul, Minn. In addition to many lectures on research methodology, there will be sessions to provide guidance in research in specific areas, the use of particular records and the resources of numerous repositories.

Two innovative aspects of the St. Paul program will be a computer-aided genealogy learning center and a five-part seminar for educators, both scheduled for May 20. The educators’ sessions are designed for non-genealogists who wish to integrate genealogical instruction into their curricula.

The St. Paul colloquy will take advantage of the rich ethnic heritage of the Upper Midwest, offering classes for those with Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Eastern European, American Indian, Welsh, German, Bohemian, Swiss, Polish, Irish and black roots. A number of sessions will relate to Canadian resources.

Registration fee for this conference is $80. To receive a registration form, write: NGS Conference, 4527 17th St. North, Arlington, Va. 22207-2399.

Aug. 16-19 are the dates for Federation of Genealogical Societies conference. This conference will be hosted by the Seattle Genealogical Society and held at the Red Lion Inn at the Seattle-Tacoma airport.

To obtain registration forms and program information about the FGS conference, write: Seattle Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 549, Seattle, Wash. 98111.