Closing U.S. Military Bases

The uproar over the base closings (Part I, Dec. 30) in California and around the country is understandable, especially if one’s job is affected. However, a fact that many of us don’t like facing is that many armed services bases are redundant.

I suggest a simple, common-sense solution: Why not sell those bases to the state, which, in turn, could convert them into the very necessary prisons always being fought over in the Legislature?

The property and facilities are ideal. Some of these are relatively isolated from large populations. They can accommodate thousands of people. And, the conversion and/or building of new facilities would certainly be less than what it would be to start absolutely from “scratch,” or having to purchase property from neighborhoods with the resulting hassle and expense.

I know the experts will either ignore this suggestion or give a negative response to it. Those “in the know” usually just hate simple answers.



San Diego