Guard Called, Cleanup Begins After Tornadoes Strike 3 States

From Associated Press

National Guardsmen were called out in Illinois and Kentucky as cleanup began Sunday in three states struck by tornadoes that injured more than 50 people and damaged or destroyed scores of homes and businesses.

Illinois Gov. James R. Thompson toured Allendale and said he planned to declare the town a state disaster area today. He also sent about 100 National Guardsmen to prevent looting and help clean up the town, where more than a third of the homes and commercial buildings were destroyed in the Saturday evening storm.

In southwestern Indiana, the same storm system spawned a twister that injured three people and damaged or destroyed 30 homes and about 25 to 30 farm buildings in the St. Thomas area.

Damage in Central Indiana


Later, near Forest Hill in central Indiana, the storm damaged several houses and farm buildings in a sparsely populated area, causing an estimated $500,000 damage, Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Baylis said. No injuries were reported.

In south-central Kentucky, a tornado struck near midnight in outlying areas of Franklin, causing an estimated $10 million to $12 million in damage to businesses and homes, Simpson County Judge-Executive Ken Harper said Sunday.

Gov. Wallace Wilkinson authorized sending Kentucky National Guard troops to help prevent looting and keep traffic flowing, said David Adkinson, operations manager for Kentucky Disaster and Emergency Services.

In Allendale, the tornado cut through a 10-block area that makes up about half the town of 600.

“The east half of the town’s gone,” said Marvin Jones, an ambulance driver. “Most of the streets are blocked by wires and trees and debris . . . . Belongings are scattered everywhere.”