TV RATINGS : Old Shows in Familiar Spots

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The new year started where the old one left off, with “The Cosby Show,” “60 Minutes” and “Murder, She Wrote” continuing with their top ratings. The Top Five were rounded out by other regulars: “Cheers” and “A Different World.”

* With footballs filling the air on New Year’s Monday, CBS tossed in a repeat of the new series, “TV 101,” hoping to snare some non sports fans. The score: that airing finished 34th in the A.C. Nielsen chart. However, the samplers didn’t carry over to “101’s” regular airing on Wednesday night, when the show plunged to 67th.

Show Points Share 1. “The Cosby Show” 28.6 43 (NBC) 2. “60 Minutes” 25.6 38 (CBS) 3. “Murder, She Wrote” (tie) 25.1 35 (CBS) 3. “Cheers” (tie) 25.1 37 (NBC) 5. “A Different World” 25.0 37 (NBC) * “TV 101" (CBS, Monday) 15.7 23 “TV 101" (CBS, Wednesday) 7.1 11