IN BRIEF : Brooklyn Ends Streak of 58 Losses

From Times staff and wire service reports

The Streak is over.

The Brooklyn College women's basketball team finally won Monday night, ending the longest losing streak in NCAA history at 58 games.

"We never believed it was our lot to just lose and lose and lose," coach Molly Perdue said after a 60-54 victory at Concordia College. "But we needed to know that we could win one."

Brooklyn had not won since Feb. 15, 1987, when it beat Molloy 60-59. The Division I Lady Knights were 0-25 last season and are 1-24 this season with two games remaining.

None of Brooklyn's players had ever won a game. The Lady Knights have seven freshmen, two sophomores and a junior transfer. The drought was the longest in any sport in any division of NCAA competition. The University of Dallas, an NAIA school, lost 86 consecutive games in men's basketball. Brooklyn's record may not last long, however.

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