Toward Equality

Your special section is a commendable effort to explore attitudes and prejudices of and toward different races, religions and cultures. The breadth of intelligent and accomplished writers and representatives from every minority group lent a power to your presentation that cannot be ignored. As I read the stories I only wish that you had discussed the prejudices and biases most people feel toward the disabled of our community.

Though I know there are many eloquent and forceful writers that exist among the wheelchair-bound community, I fear that we will have to look for a very long time before we find impressive and powerful writers and representatives in the mentally-impaired community. The truth is that all minorities, be they blacks, Asians, Latinos, Jews, Catholics, Armenians and innumerable others, have had leaders and spokespersons come forward from their own ranks. These people became examples to emulate and proof that one could reach once unreachable goals. Where will we find the Jesse Jacksons, March Fong Eus, Jaime Escalantes, Zev Yaroslavskys, John Kennedys, and George Deukmejians of the mentally-handicapped community?


Beverly Hills

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