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A community effort to raise $90,000 to give police officers in McKeesport, Pa., a raise fell short of its goal and nearly half the city's force was laid off. Mayor Louis Washowich said donations may allow officials to call back a few of the 21 idled officers as early as Friday, but only for a limited time. Washowich said the layoffs were necessary because state arbitrators awarded the Police Department wage increases of 4% to 4 1/2%, which the Allegheny County city could not afford. City officials have said officers made an average of about $28,000 a year before the raise, while the police bargainers put the average closer to $25,000. McKeesport's volunteer ambulance company began the fund-raising effort Thursday with a $15,000 donation. A restaurant planned to contribute proceeds from Sunday's sales, estimated at up to $7,000. Equibank officials said the company would match money raised this week, up to $50,000.

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