NATION : Resident in $49-a-Week YMCA Room Dies, and Leaves $249,746

From Times wire services

A former Pasadena, Calif., man who lived in a $49-a-week room at the YMCA and spent as little as $6 a day on food died with $249,746 in eight banks across the country and no apparent heirs.

Thomas Drummond's room had no bathroom, and he bought three $1.99 breakfasts each morning, saving two of them in a knapsack for later meals, acquaintances said.

Drummond, 77, died Jan. 28 in Sparrow Hospital. Unless relatives are found, his money will go to Michigan's general fund, said Paul Rosenbaum, the state-appointed lawyer handling the estate.

Rosenbaum said Drummond, a former bank employee and postal worker, had lived and worked in Pasadena until he retired in 1973. He later moved to Denver, where he stayed until 1981, then moved around until he arrived in Lansing in 1985.

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